Glitch Gallery
Part way through shooting The Glitch, the comedy website released a short film starring Jason Biggs of American Pie as a hapless boyfriend caught in an endlessly repeating time loop on an awkward dinner date. 

Unfortunately, this funny film was also called The Glitch. At that time, I had just completed shooting 80-percent of my own Glitch, including scenes that firmly enunciated the title, which I could not afford to reshoot. But further research revealed a rake of other films also entitled Glitch, so I said ‘never mind,’ or words to that effect, and decided to stick with my title.

Now that Flashfilms’ The Glitch has begun its first public performances, I decided to come clean, in the interests of full disclosure, to prove that filmmakers are antennae attuned to common signals. Either that, or we are all fundamentally lazy and don’t do much research. 

So browse away, and may the best Glitch win....

Glitch! - comedy caper film (1998)

Glitched - Canadian sci-fi feature by William Lau (2005)

Glitch - Matrixy sci-fi short by Roger Gobin (2006)

A Glitch In The System - UK experimental animation (2006)

Glitch, or The Girl Who Came Unstuck - UK animated short (2006)

Glitch - four-minute Australian comedy short by Leon Ford (2006)

(Glitch) - five-minute drama by Tims Johnson (2007)

Glitch - CG animated short by Peter Ricq (2007)

The Glitch - Jason Biggs comedy short by Mike Samonek (2007)

Glitch - RHI Entertainment TV movie (2008)

The Glitch - Flashfilms (2008)

The Glitch - Corridor Digital gamer spoof (2012)