now on DVD 
with 55 minutes of supplemental features, 
including previously unseen behind-the-scenes material:

• Glitch Diaries – two years, 20 videos, 38 minutes!
• VFX Tests – where it all began!
 • Outtake Reel – bloopers and more!
• Glitch TV – Harry’s late night TV fare, uncut!
• HDFilmTools – filmmaker interviews!
• Trailers – both versions!
• Optional French subtitles – sacré bleu!
• Hidden Easter eggs – tread lightly!

DVD-R •Region Free NTSC •Dolby Digital Stereo
available at

“A wonderful little film. 
It has elements of sci-fi, 
but I found it really funny…
a modern kind of 
comment on the 
zeitgeist of our time.”
              - Larry Jordan,   

“Fourth-wall-breaking meta-narrative.... 
A haunting tale....”
               - Bob Doto,
                   Quiet Earth
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 “Lots of fun. 
Very slick, inventive and well made.”
    - Vincenzo Natali,
     Cube and Splice

“Short, funny and original! I thought the idea of the film was brilliant!”
  - D.C. Shorts Film Festival