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The Glitch

cast and crew

Joe Fordham

Thomas D. Gleason

Tito da Costa

Brad Serreno

Brad Serreno                

Matt Ullman

Alexandra Gallo

Jason Serrone

Joe Torres

Tom Bango

Andy Lemon

Jeff Schiro

Kenji Luster

Shaun P. Smith

Lylay Hernandez

Therese McLaughlin

Laurent Watteau

Sébastien Watteau

Mike Forslund, Pacific Wave Media

Michael Oster


Alex Frisch

Sabrina Elizondo

Chandra Irving

Katrina Salicrup

Alex Kolasinski

Jake Montgomery

John Roden

Ryan Raith

Scott Taylor

Joe Fordham

Tito da Costa

Matt Ullman

Richard Nye

Production Staff


Special Thanks To

Therese McLaughlin

Brent Baker

Todd Masters, MastersFX

Angie Esmonde, Enterprise Business Centre, LLC

Darryl E. Smith Productions, Inc.,Woodland Hills

Jason Inouye, Sidhomedia.com, Monrovia

The Attic Studio Theatre, Los Angeles

Jason Green, Screen Actors Guild

Valarie McConnico, LAFilm

Laree Adel, Best of Times Vintage Collectibles, Burbank

Debbie Sheridan Casting

Amanda Brass, Make-Up Designory School, Burbank

Rory Hinnen

Kevin Brodbin

Sean Fanton & John Wood, The Dorm Editing Company

Joan Sargent, Getty Images

Liam Dale, The Footage Library


The Glenlivet Distillery, George & J.G. Smith, Ltd.

Pro HD Rentals, Inc.

Gary Asdardjian, Wintech Video

Gunnar Grah

Séverine Watteau


Filmed on location in Los Angeles and Arleta, California

with a Panasonic HVX-200 24p camera.

No film emulsion was harmed in the making of this motion picture.

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Scott Charles

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James Addison

Paul Colthart

Javier Diaz

Junius Dion, Jr.

Gray Eby

Greg Eident

Travis Gunn

Paul Sosa

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Harry 2 - 18 ...

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